Release: CRPropa 3.2

The new version of the CRPropa code, CRPropa 3.2, has been released.
It is now available for download.
The accompanying paper is available both on arXiv and in JCAP.

The main new features include: efficient simulation of high-energy particles in diffusion-dominated domains, self-consistent and fast modelling of electromagnetic cascades with an extended set of channels for photon production, and studies of cosmic-ray diffusion tensors based on updated coherent and turbulent magnetic-field models. Furthermore, several technical updates and improvements are introduced with the new version, such as: enhanced interpolation, targeted emission of sources, and a new propagation algorithm (Boris push).

In summary, CRPropa 3.2 can be fully used for gamma-ray astrophysics, to study Galactic cosmic rays, and to model particle acceleration in various astrophysical environments!


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