for the general public

particle adventure

The website Particle Adventure contains information about the elementary particles that make up matter, as well as the "messengers" that intermediate their interaction.

NASA for educators

NASA for Educators is an extremely rich page that contains useful material for physics and astronomy teaching. There is a variety of resources available, such as supporting material, exercise sheets, practical activies, etc. There are separate materials aimed for educators. Nevertheless, the general public can also certainly profit from them.

extensive air showers

This page contains interactive animations of cosmic ray showers. The user can spin, zoom, and move the showers. There are also some videos showing the development of the extensive air showers in the atmosphere, for different primary particles.

analyse Pierre Auger Observatory data

1) public event explorer  pdf
2) an overview of the observatory  pdf
3) a guide to explore the events detected pdf
a) downloading the data pdf
b) making an energy histogram with the data pdf

fine-tuning conversations

Fine-Tuning Conversations is a series of videos directed by colleagues and myself, featuring well-known researchers discussing fine-tuning-related issues. The videos are available in the YouTube channel.