extragalactic magnetic field models

To study the propagation of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays in the magnetised cosmic web, we performed cosmological magnetohydrodynamical simulations of structure formation. Four scenarios (runs F, L, S, O) were simulated. The only difference among them is the magnetic power spectrum of the seed field. A snapshot of one of the scenarios is shown on the right. In this image, one can clearly see the cosmic web, including filaments, clusters, voids. The colour scale indicates the magnetic field strength (in Gauss).

These are upper-limit models. The simulations have extremely strong magnetic fields. The field in the voids was normalised to Planck’s upper limit (~1 nG). The goal of the work was to study the prospects for UHECR astronomy under conservative assumptions (strong magnetic deflections).

The cumulative filling factors shown in the figure (runs F, L, S, O) are provided in this tarball.

For more details, please refer to the following publication:
R. Alves Batista, M.-S. Shin. J. Devriendt, D. Semikoz, G. Sigl. Implications of strong intergalactic magnetic fields for ultra-high-energy cosmic-ray astronomy. Physical Review D 96 (2017) 023010. arXiv:1704.05869

The simulated magnetic field models are extremely large and cannot be added to this website. Therefore, if you have interest obtaining them to use in your studies, please get in touch with me.