Fine-Tuning Physics Website

This interactive website is part of the Consolidation of Fine-Tuning project, carried on at the University of Oxford.  It complements the book “A Field Manual on Fine-Tuning”, to be published by Oxford University Press in mid-2020.

This website was possible thanks to a grant from the John Templeton Foundation.

This website is meant to be used an educational resource to accompany the book “Fine-Tuning in the Physical Universe”.
The idea is to provide an intuitive framework where people can check where fine-tuning arises in a model, and understand what are the consequences of “untuning”  some specific parameters. Each section contains three parts: ingredients, derivations, and visualisation. The tab Derivations contains relevant information about the topic at hand, including equations. Whenever a derivation of an equation is available, it can be accessed by expanding the equation box. All physical quantities in the equations are highlighted when the mouse hovers over them. Pop-up windows are shown upon clicking on highlighted symbols. The necessary ingredients needed to derive all equations in the sections, as well as all assumptions, theory, and physical quantities, are available in the Ingredients tab. A few cases can be visualised in Visualisation.


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