fluxos cosmogênicos

Here I present the fluxes of cosmogenic neutrinos and photons compatible with the ultra-high-energy cosmic-ray data measured by the Pierre Auger Observatory.  All details about the analysis can be found in the corresponding publication:
R. Alves Batista, Rogerio M. de Almeida, B. Lago, K. Kotera. Cosmogenic fluxes in the Auger era. Journal of Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics 01 (2019) 002. arXiv:1806.10879

UHECR-compatible cosmogenic neutrino fluxes.

Two cases are considered: sources extending up to a maximum redshift z=1, and up to z=4. The first case is conservative, in the sense that the cosmic-ray data only allows us to probe the universe up to this distance, approximately.
However, it is reasonable to expect that high-energy sources at higher redshifts behave in the same way. Therefore, the data I provide here are labelled “conservative” (z=1) and “extrapolated” (z=4).
The source evolution is treated as a free parameter, but results assuming AGN, GRB, and star-formation rate evolutions are also provided.

UHECR-compatible cosmogenic photon fluxes.


Download the tarball with all the results. The file format is explained in the corresponding headers.