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21/10/2017. [podcast] Physical Attraction. Cosmic rays and the multiverse
05/09/2017. [podcast] Flash Forward. After Life
29/07/2017. [radio] CBC’s Quirks & Quarks. Scientists figure out how to wipe out all life on Earth
12/10/2016. [podcast] Fine-Tuning Conversations. Dark matter particles
12/10/2016. [podcast] Fine-Tuning Conversations. Why now?
12/10/2016. [podcast] Fine-Tuning Conversations. Dark matter, fine-tuned

in the news

Here is a list with selected pieces of news featuring my research. This list contains only articles in english, portuguese, spanish, and german.
Note: not all of them are scientifically accurate
29/09/2017. Folha. Saiba quem são os favoritos para o Nobel, segundo cientistas brasileiros
27/07/2017. CNN. The microscopic critter that can survive almost anything.
24/07/2017. El País. A este bichito no hay asteroide que lo extinga
23/07/2017. El País (Brasil). Não há asteroide que consiga acabar com esse bichinho
14/07/2017. Motherboard VICE (Brasil). O tardígrado será o último ser vivo na Terra
14/07/2017. Popular Science. Tardigrades could probably survive the otherwise complete annihilation of life on Earth
14/07/2017. Spektrum. Diese Tierchen trotzen dem vorzeitigen Weltuntergang
14/07/2017. Science Magazine. This is what it would take to kill all life on Earth
14/07/2017. The Atlantic. What Would It Take to Completely Sterilize the Earth?
14/07/2017. The Washington Post. These animals can survive until the end of the Earth, astrophysicists say
14/07/2017. The Guardian. Tardigrades: Earth’s unlikely beacon of life that can survive a cosmic cataclysm
28/06/2017. Newsweek. Supermassive black holes observed orbiting each other for very first time.
23/08/2016. Oxford Science Blog. Why are we now?
22/08/2016. Many Worlds Blog. Earth: A prematurely inhabited planet?
15/08/2016. Forbes.  Are Humans the ‘Aliens’ Early to the Universe’s Life Party?
15/08/2016. Motherboard VICE. What if we can’t find aliens because humans came first?
08/08/2016. Motherboard VICE. Astrophysiker haben berechnet, warum wir noch keine Aliens getroffen haben.
03/08/2016. Alien life may be common in the far future.
03/08/2016. The Washington Post. A New Reason We Haven’t Found Alien Life in the Universe.
03/08/2016. CBS News. This may be the reason we haven’t found alien life.
02/08/2016. IFL Science. Are we alone? Life on Earth may have formed prematurely.
02/08/2016. Astronomy Magazine. Could life on Earth have occured prematurely?
02/08/2016. The Independent. New life may grow in the universe in the distant future.
02/08/2016. Popular Science. Life on Earth may have arisen unusually prematurely.
02/08/2016. Express. Aliens don’t exist and we are ALONE in the Universe… For now at least.
01/08/2016. Smithsonian Magazine. Why the universe is becoming more habitable.
18/11/2014. Symmetry Magazine. Auger reveals subtlety in cosmic rays.
07/2014. Physik Journal. Partikel in der Pampa.
07/2011. Revista Ciência & Cultura. Observatório Pierre Auger Norte só no papel.